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Our Story

Colonel Pickles Novelties is a family owned, American small business located in Florida. The company was created by the Father & Son team of Chris and Dylan Jordan.
Rather than trying to impress you with creative copy and company statistics, we thought it would be much more interesting to tell our story of how the company was created.
With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in retail sales, Chris and his wife Jan, have owned and operated brick and mortar storefronts as well as e-commerce websites selling retail products online. In 2015, they sold their brick and mortar businesses to focus exclusively on their online product sales and spend more time together as a family.
To date, they have created 5 successful retail product brands that are sold exclusively online. Each brand name was created with some type of personal tie to their family. But that’s another story.
In 2016, their son Dylan who was 16 years old and always had an entrepreneurial spirit, approached Chris with an idea for a toy brand and wanted to start his own company. With a few months of mentoring and training, Dylan was ready to start with a few product ideas.
The first order of business was creating the brand name. Chris and Jan had joked with Dylan for years that they almost named him Colonel. They saw the name in a baby name book when trying to decide on his name when Jan was still pregnant with him. Although they never really considered it, that has been a running joke in their family for years and they often call him Colonel when having some fun around the house or office.
As he grew up, friends and some extended family affectionately named Dylan ͞"Dill Pickle", then shortened it to ͞"Pickles". After much consideration and research, Colonel Pickles Novelties seemed like the perfect fit and was born in 2016.
Dylan plays an active role in managing many aspects of the business along with Chris, and plans to take full control one day after his education is complete. He aspires to eventually open his own office with a name plate on the door that reads ͞"The Big Dill".